The 4 Es and the spirit of Cavett Robert

The professional speaking community is known for building a bigger market for all speakers. The strength of PSANZ is in the education we provide and the strong community we have built. As a member of PSANZ, award applicants are asked to support the Spirit of Cavett by introducing colleagues to clients, referring business or mentoring emerging speakers. We expect our applicants to demonstrate this in their application.

Great keynote speakers exemplify the spirit of Cavett Robert, the founder of the world’s first professional speaking association, in the USA in 1973. He would often say, ‘A desire to help others is our most noble attribute’. The spirit of Cavett Robert is one of sharing, guiding and inspiring other professional speakers. 

The ‘Four Es’ help define what Excellence looks like in the speaking profession. They are Expertise, Eloquence, Enterprise and Ethics. Click here to download a summary from the Professional Speakers Association of America, to find out more and be inspired!

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