Special CSP Showcase Was Amazing

Below are some photos from our National Meeting on 27 August, immediately after the AGM. What an inspirational evening hearing 12 minute snippets from our very own CSPs, the top speakers in NZ.

Ralph Brown also received his life membership award due to the huge contribution he has made in NSANZ, both in Christchurch and on the National Board.

Click here to view a full reply of the evening in the member only video area.

Ralph Brown, CSP becomes Life Member
Bill James, CSP
Terry Williams, CSP
Robyn Pearce, CSP
Glen Sharkey, CSP
Allie Mooney, GSF
Ralph Brown, CSP
Cat Levin becomes a Professional Member
Andrew Hoggard becomes an Accredited Member
New Member Margo Regan
Gary Barzilay becomes an Accredited Member

Professional Speakers

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