Speaker Battle Awards Night Silent Auction 2021

Speaker Battle Awards Night Silent Auction 2021

Speaker Battle Awards Night Silent Auction 2021

The annual Professional Speakers Association of NZ Speaker Battle and Awards night is on Tuesday, March 30th. The background is PSANZ is a not-for-profit organisation with the objective of supporting the growth of our members speaking businesses. Hence every year we use our awards evening to run an auction to help raise funds to run our association. This auction is fueled by the generous gifts of providers who donate their services and/or products to be auctioned.

This year we are using an auction app. Hence this page lists all the items, then to bid please click the heading if an item to be able to place a bid on the next screen. Good luck we hope you win one of these amazing items.

1. Jane Anderson - Personal Branding, Content Creation and Tribe Building

Access to 12 months of Content Club which is valued at $2400 where we have the community where we create 10 pieces of content each month. 

2.Adam Harris – Business Pathway Coaching

Adam Harris is an experienced board facilitator, entrepreneur and coach who is a Fellow of the PSA UK (the equivalent of CSP). Adam can help you develop your business in whichever way you require. This can be helping you build mastermind groups, speaking to CEO groups or the strategy to take your business to the next level. 

Value: $5000


3. Michaela Jodie – Harper & Willow Photographer

Voucher for $325 towards a corporate headshot photo session. (Includes $250 base fee for the session + $75 for one person (2 images included).

Value: $325


4. E-Health – NZ Health Shop

Supplement Basket value $200


5. Sabine Parry – One Personality Test and Coaching Session

Sabine Parry is one of NZ's two certified coaches for the Sally Hogshead “How To Fascinate” personality test. She is offering one free test along with one follow-up coaching session.

Value - $280


6. Lunch and Business Planning with Darren Pratley, CSP

A 2-hour working lunch on Darren to build insight and opportunity into a marketing campaign specifically for you. Including presentation content, key message, and market definition. This is about creating clients, and business opportunities.

Value - $1650


7. 'Your Origin Story' with Robert Tighe

Robert will work with you to define 'Your Origin Story' which describes who you are, what you do, and why you do it. It serves as the foundation for all the stories you tell. By figuring out your why and defining your values, 'Your Origin Story' helps you create more authentic, engaging content that helps you stand out from your competitors.

Process: Crafting ‘Your Origin Story’ is a simple, painless, and enjoyable 4-Step Process.

1. Questionnaire: To help you reflect on your past and what you’ve achieved.
2. Informal Interview: It’s more of a chat than an interview asking a lot of questions, the kind of questions you never take the time to ask yourself. Robert records the interview and transcribes it word-for-word to capture your voice and your personality.
3. First Draft: Robert writes ‘Your Origin Story’ and sends it to you as a Google Doc.
4. Edit and Final Draft: You review the draft and your feedback helps Robert deliver a story that captures you and your unique life experiences and values.

What you get: ‘Your Origin Story’ will be between 1,500 - 2,000 words and covers both who you are (your personality and values), what you do (your career journey and your current business), and why you do it (what makes you unique). 

It can be used on your Homepage, About and Services pages on your website. You also get an edited version you can use for your LinkedIn profile and a catchy LinkedIn headline.

It’s your story, told in your voice so it’s designed to be shared. It marks a line in the sand: “This is me and this is what I’ve achieved,” but it’s also a story you can build on as you evolve and grow. It can be chopped up and used in so many different ways:

  • As your elevator pitch or framework for a job interview
  • LinkedIn and social media profiles
  • About Page or bio on your website
  • Services and Homepage on your website
  • As a script for a video that tells the world: ‘This is me and this is what I stand for’
  • An introduction to a speech or presentation
  • To create multiple blog/LinkedIn posts about your past experiences
  • As the starting point to write that book or eBook you’ve been putting off forever
  • Discover your superpower and rekindle your passion
  • Sum up your past and explain your new direction.

Value - $1695


8. Opportunity with Bill James, CSP

Image result for bill james nz

Two 1-hour sessions on offline sales and marketing tactics. As well as, strategies and results focused “how to” ideas. How to get the appointment and win the deal.

Value: $1900


9. Workshop or Keynote Development with Glen Sharkey, CSP

2.5hrs of professional development for a keynote or workshop from a Certified Speaking Professional and twice PSANZ Educator of the Year. Your current material will be critiqued (ideal if you have video footage), and you'll be assisted to improve your next performance to increasingly delight your audience.

Note: The winner of this auction will need to have a booked event (paid or pro bono) that they are prepping for.

Value: $1,950

www.thelifeworkscompany.com (Workshops’ website)

www.glensharkey.com (Speaking website) 

10. Two-night Accommodation at Stargate Retreat

Two nights of Bed and Breakfast Accommodation for 2 people on this private retreat set on 40 acres of native bush 50 minutes from Auckland CBD. It is a perfect getaway to refresh and relax or explore Matakana markets, Omaha and associated areas.

Value: $500

See more at www.stargateforest.com

11. Workshop with Allan Parker, OAM

Three 2 day courses, or The Experimental Laboratory and an additional day working on them and their business, three books, audio Negotiation Series, and 20 x 5 minute/one skill at a time videos for the year. 

Value: $7000


12. Opportunity to ‘Talk Books’ with Indie Experts Pty – Dixie Maria Carlton and Ann Dettori Wilson

Image result for dixie marie carlton

Your chance to ask anything you like about publishing, writing, producing or marketing of books. Dixie has more than 15 years of experience as one of the top Non-fiction publishing coaches in Australasia, and Ann has been producing high-quality books for traditional publishers for 13 years... they have both been involved in publishing and developing content for professional speakers from all over the world.

Dixie is also a former PSANZ Business Person of the Year and Author of the Year. Dixie knows books, and knows the speaking industry – and how they intersect! She is available to talk about anything you want to know about books.

Ann – is also available in a separate or joint session to discuss aspects of production and publishing

Plus a free digital copy of Dixie and Ann’s books From Idea to Author-ity and The Entrepreneur's Guide to Self-Publishing.

  1. Copy of Authority Island: how some authors become authorities and others just write books.
  2. Subscription for 1 year to Indie Experts library
  3. 3x 60 minute coaching sessions to discuss your book project with either Dixie, Ann, or combined.
  4. Manuscript evaluation (if you’ve already started writing a manuscript.)
  5. Amazon listing evaluation and tips (if you already have book(s) published.)
  6. Items 4 and 5 may be swapped out for one additional coaching session.

Value: $1250


13. Opportunity with Gilly Chater

Gilly has had her successful business on Leadership and Resilience for over 20 years and survived 2 major recessions through her diversified offerings. She’s offering 4 X Mentoring Sessions to Developing Speakers to include: Clarity of message,  getting paid gigs to achieve PSANZ Accredited and Professional Member status. Diversifying – with workshops, not just keynote speaking, also webinars and group coaching opportunities especially in times of downturn. How to create long term relationships – some of her clients are 18+ years. What to charge and why. And anything else to make your business work! Sessions will be on Zoom.

Value $2,500.00


14. Set of 5 Books from two of NZs most experienced trainers

Success at work and at home

—practical ways to develop your emotional intelligence

The village that could

—an inspirational tale of resilience in challenging times

Surprising stuff about humans

—a book of questions with useful answers and explanations

Ralph Brown CSP

Ralph Brown has a background in business, training and television. He has delivered workshops throughout New Zealand and in Australia on emotional intelligence, writing, sales, news media skills and public speaking. He spent 15 years reporting and directing news and current affairs for Television New Zealand and on secondment to the BBC. He is the founder of the training company Skillset New Zealand.

Media Easy

—how to handle the news media with confidence and authority

Speaking Easy

—engage your audience with confidence and personal authority

Michael Brown

Michael Brown is a consultant with Skillset New Zealand. His books are the result of his hundreds of workshops with thousands of participants. For 15 years he worked as a television reporter, director and presenter, including a secondment to BBC television in the UK.

Value $150

15. 2.5-hour bespoke training in The Voice Code® Methodology

You’re already a great speaker. Ready for the next level?

Using the power of technology, we’ll coach to identify and transform any internal blocks in
your Presenting Matrix. We’ll refine your content and slides and install new mind-body emotional strategies that empower you to master how you fascinate your audience, every
time you speak!

  • Must have a prepared keynote of a least 20 mins

With over two decades worth of experience as a presenter, including 7 years as a TV
journalist on an international, award-winning program, TV Presenter of more than 140
episodes on 4 TV shows, a professional speaker and MC, and a sought-after voice artist,
Bonita Nuttall is a consummate media professional.
Bonita helps people activate their Voice Code so they can write, design and deliver
trailblazing stories and visual presentations that inspire people to act.

Value: $1950


16. Stress & Sleep Support pack of Essential Oils

Value: $189


17. Your Best Presentation Ever with Geoff McDonald, Ideas Architect

Work one-on-one with the Ideas Architect to design your next presentation. Create unique IP, eye-catching titles and spell-binding visuals. Walk away with a script and a set of slides ready to deliver. Includes up to 10 one-on-one coaching sessions. 

Value $4500


18. The Art of Minimal Work with Geoff McDonald, Ideas Architect

Join our next live group coaching program to transform how you live and work. It's high performance in four hours a day. Discover your one thing, how to work like a human, three-phase work and more. Exclusive: yet to be released to the public - Be the first. 

Value $450


19. The Great Done Bundle with Geoff McDonald, Ideas Architect

Get more done than ever before in less time and with less stress. The result of three years of research, writing and design thinking. Includes four books (two print, two ebooks - Done, Weekly Done 1 and 2, The Done Game Plan)

Plus: 16 high quality Book Rapper book summaries of the best productivity books ever written.

Value $97


20. A Personal Online Strategy Session with Cat Coluccio

Many entrepreneurs post to different social media platforms haphazardly and wonder why no one understands exactly what they are offering. 

Reap the benefit of a fresh set of eyes as Cat assesses your social media profile across all platforms. During a live 60 min session delivered via Zoom, she will help you create a strategy that answers the following

  • Is your branding consistent?
  • Is your message clear?
  • Is your call to action pathway clear?
  • Have you a planned content schedule and delivery system?

A qualified Educator, Personal Trainer and Life Coach, Cat Coluccio is an author, international speaker, podcaster and strategist who helps authors, speakers and coaches leverage the power of online communities to grow their income, impact and influence. 

Value $497



21. Craft Impactful Talks & Pitches with Chris Hanlon

Chris Hanlon is Speaker Coach helping speakers, entrepreneurs and corporate executives craft impactful talks & pitches. He is also the lead Speaker Coach for TEDxRuakura. He is offering three 1 hour TED talk coaching sessions.

Value $1000


22. Voucher For The Publishing Launchpad with Kirsty Salisbury

$500 voucher to spend at The Publishing Launchpad. This can be used for any combination of three services:

  • Book publishing
  • Podcast course
  • 1:1 coaching

Storytelling is a real passion for Kirsty Salisbury - as the author of three books and a podcast host since 2016, her passion for telling other people stories runs deep. More recently, Kirsty has been helping others to launch their own podcast and/or take them from manuscript to published author. The Publishing Launchpad, an extension of Kirsty's expertise now helps others to get their stories off the ground via publishing, podcasting and storytelling.

This voucher entitles you to $500 of credit* via The Publishing Launchpad, whether that be publishing services, her 8-week podcast course, or 1:1 coaching to get your message into a storytelling format.

*Credit not applicable to printing or supplier costs.

Value $500


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