SEO & Content Strategy to Get More Traffic & Inquiries using your Speaker Website and Blog

It was such a delight to have David "Big Dave" Staughton CSP as our guest speaker for the April National Meeting.

We learned some inspirational tips on how to get more traffic to our website. Also, how to target the right terms and be seen by more potential buyers online. Members can log in to our website for a full replay.

It gave me a positive jolt to focus more on this area after he shared his secrets on how his website blog went from 300 views to over 10,000 views per month in less than 6 months. 

After showing his tips and tools for writing better blogs and how to discover what buyers really want to see on your website. He looked at a few websites and I was very lucky to get some feedback on the areas I need to improve. This was priceless as I most of the knowledge but with his new tips I will get out of my own little world of rushing thinking it is not important to add the image SEO extras.

He also looked at how to improve our website conversions and inquiries with a screen full of ideas, including the obvious use of PDF free download to capture leads

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Thanks, Dave for your insights and wonderful knowledge. To learn more see his websites

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