PSANZ Educator of the Year

This award acknowledges speakers who have continued to reach out and achieve changes in practice amongst diverse groups over many years, through their keynote presentations, workshops, consulting and one-to-one work.

To apply for this award, click this link to open the application form, and on the new Google Docs screen take the following steps:

Your application will need to demonstrate:

Educators like you are a core of the speaking industry – experts who play a variety of speaking-related roles with diverse clients, cultures and demographics. You will have broad experience and the ability to work equally well with top-level corporate groups to flax-roots, hands-on groups.

The Educator of the Year is a learner, teacher, designer and deliverer of learning experiences of consistently high quality and originality.

Your application will demonstrate your:

Here’s how you’ll do this: tell us about you, your clients, your training and related activities, an indication of any earnings and feedback from clients. You can format this information in any way and in any order that you choose, and you'll include some video footage. 

Here's the detail of what to show and tell us  – remembering to include it all in ONE document.

1. The basics

Tell us:

2. The big picture

Give us a brief overview of your educator business/activities, generally describing your:

3. The business

Please tell us the following information in no more than two pages:

  1. History: a summary of the years you’ve been an educator and the diversity of the groups you’ve worked with
  2. Philosophy: why you train the way you educate
  3. Methodology: your fields of knowledge when it comes to how you develop and deliver your educational activities and your expertise in your chosen topics
  4. Achievements: some of the projects, programmes  and moments that demonstrate your work at its best, supported by three brief examples of the depth and breadth of your work
  5. Product: one example of your work that you would like the judges to view, such as a book, manual, promo piece, podcast, DVD slide show and so on.

4. The events

List or tabulate a summary of the education-related events you have delivered from 1 January 2021 to 30 June 2022. This can be face-to-face, online or blended.

You can include both paid and unpaid/pro-bono activities. For each event, indicate the:

Please tell us the total value of education-related income generated during the 18 months from 1 January 2021 to 30 June 2022. We recommend you provide a breakdown of income per specified event and other work.

Please verify this income by:

5. The responses

What do your clients and audiences like about your work? Please give us a phone number and email address for:

Of those five, please give us the following, from 1 January 2021 to 30 June 2022:

6. The visuals

Include a link to an unedited video of you in action as an educator, within the past year, with a genuine audience – not an audience set up specifically to create the footage. 

This footage should comprise three 20-minutes segments that show you presenting to and engaging with your audiences.

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