PSANZ Breakthrough Speaker of the Year

This award recognises someone who has achieved a step-change in their speaking business within the previous two years they have been a Member of PSANZ. Preparing an application for this award – or even winning it – will be a significant step along your path to becoming a Full Member.

Open to Associate and Full Members (not Life Members or CSPs). Past winners of this award (or prior equivalents) are not eligible to apply for this once-in-a-lifetime award.

What does it take to win the Breakthrough Speaker of the Year Award?

To apply for this award, click this link to open the application form, and on the new Google Docs screen take the following steps:

Your application will need to demonstrate:

Here’s how you’ll do this: tell us about you, your clients, your presentations and/or other activities, an indication of any earnings and feedback from clients. You can format this information in any way and in any order that you choose, and you'll include some video footage.

Here's the detail of what to show and tell us – remembering to include it all in ONE document.

1. The basics

Tell us:

2. The big picture

Give us a brief overview of your professional speaking business/activities, generally describing your:

3. The events

List or tabulate a summary of the presentations you have made from 1 January 2021 to 30 June 2022.

You can include both paid and unpaid/pro-bono events. For each presentation, indicate the:

Please tell us the total value of presentation-related income generated within the 18 months before the date you upload your application: we need to know that you have met or exceeded the $5,000 pandemic-affected income threshold to be eligible for this award.

Please verify this income by:

Check out the Tips and Checklist to find out what ‘presentation-related income’ includes and excludes. 

4. The responses

What do your clients and audiences like about your work? Please give us a phone number and email address for:

Of those three we want the following, from within the eligibility period of 1 January 2021 to 30 June 2022: 

5. The visuals

Include a link to an unedited video of you presenting, within the past year, to a genuine audience – not an audience set up specifically to create the footage. Where possible, this footage should:

Remember to include all links to visual and other materials you refer to in the ONE document you upload to support your application.

6. The PSANZ Fast-Track Scholarship

The winner of the Breakthrough Speaker of the Year is awarded a Scholarship to help her or him to fast-track their speaking business.

To win the Breakthrough Speaker of the Year Award AND the Fast-Track Scholarship, please wrap up your application for the Breakthrough Speaker of the Year Award by:

When the awards are announced for the following year, we will ask you to give a 20-minute presentation (15 minutes presenting followed by 5-10 minutes Q&A) at a National Meeting, to explain how the Scholarship benefited the growth of your business as a professional speaker. This will be a great opportunity both for you and the members.

The Scholarship gives you:

Professional Speakers

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