2023 PSANZ Awards: Breakthrough Speaker of the Year

Have you achieved a step-change in your speaking business within the first two years you’ve been a Member of PSANZ? Then give this one a try! Winning – or even preparing an application for this award – will be a significant step along your path to becoming a Full Member.

This award is open to Associate and Full Members (not CSPs or Life Members). Past winners of this award (or prior equivalents) are not eligible to apply for this once-in-a-lifetime award.

Entry Criteria

Who can applyOpen to Associate and Full Members only (not CSPs or Life Members). Past winners are not eligible to apply for this once-in-a-lifetime award. 
Earnings thresholdA minimum of $5,000 of speaking-related income during the 12 months leading up to the application closing date. Verified by a list of invoices or other evidence of earnings such as a statutory declaration or a letter of confirmation from an accountant. 
Speaker Sheet Not required though can be provided if available 
TestimonialsTwo or more video or written testimonials, included in or accessed via links in the Application form and/or Speaker Sheet
Business PlanAttach a Business Plan for growing the speaking business, including financial performance/targets 
SupportThe winner is awarded a Fast Track Scholarship.
JudgesTwo overseas judges who are CSPs or equivalent

NB: In order to apply for any PSANZ Award, in addition to the Entry Criteria you must have been a paid up member for minimum of 3 months prior to the awards closing date. 

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Click here for a Nomination Form and here for an Application Form.

The winner of the Breakthrough Speaker of the Year is awarded the PSANZ Fast-Track Award to help fast-track their speaking business. The Award gives:

A condition of the Award is that if you win it, you will give a 20-minute presentation (15 minutes presenting followed by 5-10 minutes Q&A) at a National Meeting, to explain how the Award has benefited the growth of your professional speaking business.

Your Speaker Sheet: would a client hire you on seeing it?

You do not have to provide a Speaker Sheet, but may do so if you have one. Our FAQs and Awards Workshops will help you with this.

Your Business Plan

Please prepare a Business Plan no more than five pages long, setting out how the Fast Track Award will help you to grow your speaking business, including financial performance/targets.

What else will the judges want to know?

Professional speaking is focused on values and service and value. The Application Form will include a question about your commitment to your own professional development though PSANZ and related events, as well as your service to PSANZ and/or the wider speaking profession. Click here to find out what this could mean for you.

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