If you have already decided to attend the Global Speakers’ Summit in December – great! But what if you’re putting off your decision?

Maybe you are wondering What’s in it for me? And that’s a reasonable question. After all, we all like to know there’ll be a good return on our investment.

We could tell you the Summit will have superb world-class programming. You’ll be entertained. You’ll have excellent food. You’ll enjoy the fabulous hotel, in the fabulous city of Vancouver. You’ll have the opportunity to meet professional speakers from around the world. It’ll be 3 days well spent.

All true. But not necessarily convincing – especially in a world that increasingly likes to ask ‘Why should I?’… Why should I buy from you? Why should I work hard? Why should I trust you to take this organization forward? Why should I go to the convention? Let’s face it. We’ve all been oversold before… by marketers, by managers and by politicians.

But, there are hugely compelling reasons why you should invest your time and money to be in Vancouver 8-10 December this year. The theme of this year’s Global Speakers Summit is: Revolutions. Upheavals. Choices. Think about it. Our planet is in the throes of political, social, moral, business and ecological convulsions.

Is your message, your expertise still relevant? For whom? How do you know?
Want to find out, for sure? Want to find out what you may be missing? Want to find out how your business can truly serve the world, now and in the future?

Why should you be there?

As your marketing, sales & communication representative for the Summit, I recommend that you check out the Global Speakers Summit website www.gss2013.com and register today! It’s likely to be one of the most powerful investments you make in your speaking career this year.

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