From the national president …

This is an exciting time to be President! It is like being a farmer.
I have been working hard on the farm with a number of others, fertilising, nurturing, pruning, cultivating – and now we are watching the fruit grow. And it is looking like a bumper crop of the juiciest, biggest, most delicious fruit that will be a delight to enjoy.
We have started planning for next year – and what a year it is going to be!!!!!
But as always we need more people willing to tend that crop. There will be room for pickers and packers, pruning and regrowth, and of course eating the fruit.
We have plenty of the later – those willing to pick and eat. There is a need for more who are willing to pick up a small spade. Who could look after just a couple of trees that have net been so well looked after. Who will jump on a tractor and take a turn to keep the momentum and start looking at next year’s crop.
Be part of it!!!! Shape our future direction. This is a vital part of being a member.

Sure hope so!
Financially we are in a strong position and now it is time to spend a few dollars. On what I hear you ask? Great question.

Our AGM is in less than 2 months. How can you be part of it? GET TO THE AGM in person or online. There are things that need to be ratified. This is YOUR association – take responsibility and be part of an amazing new chapter in our history.
And that means being around to enjoy the new look. How can you enjoy it? – stay a member. Your renewals  is in your inbox. Stick around.
AND we are hoping to add Darren LaCroix and Ed Tate links to the evening to provide incredible value to the night. The last time Darren was here he rocked the house by working with individuals on their introductions – amazing evening that saw everyone walk away with great insights and learnings.

AWARDS – A star spangled night of glitter and glamour.
– International award winning speaker Trav Bell the bucket list guy to inspire and enthuse us.
– An international MC from Canada to enthral and energise.
– Wonderful recognition of our best and brightest + the new scholarship awarded for the first time.

Come and glitter in your finest with waterfront venue, world class speaking and the excitement of recognising our own. This is always an amazing night. Be a part of something very special.

A special thought for those outside Auckland. Yes – these awards are for you too. Ask Martz Witty who won our highest award, the Te Kahurangi Award or Karen Boyes of Wellington our 2013 Speaker of the Year. Overseas judges mean they judge on merit. The only way this could be an Auckland only event is if no one from outside applies and we have a self-fulfilling prophesy.
Just the analysis of your own business to enter makes it worthwhile! DO IT!

Busy times but FUN and more coming soon.
Best wishes

Bill James
National President
National Speakers Association New Zealand

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