And how do I make sure my business doesn’t go “SPLAT.

The first part of the process for those who are participating in the review of the Path of the Lion was to complete an EnQ assessment. The results of this assessment serve to alert the participants as to which EnQ territories they might be tending towards, i.e. Lion, Fish Eagle, Baboon or Rhino territory.  The Lion is the most sought after territory in a business sense. As to be expected, a number of the assessments identified their participants as roaring lions. Upon returning the assessment results to the reviewers I received the above question: “So, why am I not rich yet?” which I thought was a very relevant question and worth taking a shot at.

The long answer is: read my book, Path of the Lion (which they were about to do anyway).

The shorter answer, for the purposes of a helpful blog, highlights the following 4 essentials:

For easy recall, note this anagram: the first letters of the above 4 elements spell “PLAT”. This is a little too close for comfort to “SPLAT” but illustrates just perfectly that the difference between profitable businesses and non-profitable businesses can be as small as one letter in a short word, figuratively speaking.

The online version of EnQ assessment will be available at with the official launch of the book, Path of the Lion which is now imminent.

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