May Day, Mother’s Day and Maybes.

May Day (Mayday) Click the links

Are you feeling the cold? Some of our members have been to warmer parts of the world in the last month and I know that I love seeing their stories on Facebook and LinkedIn. Go Allie.
May Day has two meaning depending on how you spell it.

I would like to suggest that you look at May as the month to plant new seeds for your business and also to ask for help if you have any problems. Did you know that the website now had a forum to exchange information on?
Many of you are missing the opportunity to promote your business – you need to get your profile and website on the NSANZ website. There is a video on how to do this at Updating Your Profile to help you.
Visit the Resources for Members. There are links there to the Speaker’s Magazine and Voices of Excellence updated every month, There is a link to one of the best indemnity insurance offers available to speakers and the page also has a spreadsheet that you can download to record your speaking engagements for accreditation.
May is also the month for the Professional Speakers Academy.  Looking forward to next weekend. Thanks to Karen Boyes, Ann Andrews, Dr Rodney Ford, Bill James and Robyn Pearce 5 of our 8 CSPs for agreeing to present. It will be a learning adventure for everyone I am sure.
So is it Mayday or May day for you this month?
Share your stories and adventures on Facebook or in our LinkedIn group or on this post on our website

Mother’s Day

First to all our Mother members, I hope your day was special and you enjoyed your children and they were good to you. I enjoyed talking to one of my sons and my grandsons.
And I hope those of you with a mother, gave her a call or a little love on Mother’s Day. Mother’s make a difference. After all would we even be here without our mothers? For many of you I am sure Mother’s day was a day of remembering your mother. I remembered many of the good times we shared over her 90 years.


Maybe I will, maybe I won’t, maybe I can, maybe I can’t. Maybe baby but what are you planning for, working towards, striving to accomplish. Several of you are thinking of applying for awards.
Maybe I will 
Complete an Awards Entry
Attend  Awards Night will be 24th September Details soon
Join the New Committees – Your local Chapter NEEDS YOU! Talk to your Chapter president about how you can help and find out how helping can help you.
Attend NSA Conference in USA in July
Attend GSF Conference in Canada in December 2013. It’s in Vancouver so it should be not too cold.
Create a  Go Viral Video Contest for GSF has been extended to July 15th. Lindsey Dawson has already submitted. Guess I had better get busy.

Read May Speakers Magazine and Voices of Experience

Listen to Planet Speaker or NSA Webinars

Complete my accreditation documents and become a Member, Professional Member or Certified Speaking Professional ( I hear we have 4 completing their applications here – Martz, Hannah, David and Mike).

Please click through to the links and please update your profile. It helps NSANZ and YOUR business.

Roberta Budvietas
National President NSANZ

Professional Speakers

 Association of NZ Directory