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Roydon Gibbs

PSANZ (formerly NSANZ) has been part of my professional life since 2015. For more than 20 years my work has been helping others do their work. That has given me the privilege of traveling the length and breadth of New Zealand working with thousands of people from hundreds of organisations—real workers, in real workplaces, doing real work.

I’m a senior trainer with the team at Skillset NZ Ltd and I’m passionate about work. The kind of work that makes our lives meaningful, our communities thrive and our economy strong.

My daily mission—listen and learn, keep it real and make it useful. 

I’m grateful to earn a healthy income facilitating workshops and providing speaking presentations for commercial as well as local and central government organisations. The topics can vary, but the underlying themes are the same:

- What does it take to be the kind of leader that people really want to work with?

- How can you become the leader your organisation can’t afford to lose?

- What is your work, and what does it take to be up-for-it, in-to-it and on-to-it?

The business of professional speaking is a very challenging and a rewarding career to pursue. For me, membership of PSANZ has played an important part in making it a reality.

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