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Robert C. Robertson

Robert C Robertson (Rob) is a mental skills coach on a mission to help sportspeople raise their personal best by finding 'flow' that peak performance effortless in the zone feeling. This passion is due to the tools he discovered on his personal journey in sport, replacing anxiety and self-doubt with self-esteem and self-trust.

This includes the Emotional Fitness ™ tools to empower greater inner freedom, resilience and trust. Supporting better decision making under pressure, with reduced overwhelm, to achieve higher performance with greater mental toughness.

Rob’s own results across sport, life, and business have been greatly enhanced by using these tools, with 2019 a breakthrough year in sports performance and mental toughness. 

As a Professional Speaker, Rob talks on Sports Psychology. meditation, mindfulness and Emotional Fitness™.  How to move from head to heart to be more present to achieve more peak performance mental toughness 'flow.'


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