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Clare Feeney

Clare is a published author and an award-winning professional speaker and environmental expert. The second edition of her book, How to Change the World: a practical guide to successful environmental training, was published in the UK in late 2019.

She has worked with people in every sector of the economy – but she got out of sewage treatment before she fell in!

Her message? Wake up to what $US9+ trillion says: What Blackrock, the world’s biggest investor, and other lenders and insurers – and the most talented job-seekers, know is that good environmental management is good for business.

Whether you run a server farm or a dairy farm or anything in between, Clare’s purpose is to transform every job into a green job that regenerates people and places – and to have fun along the way.

Clare is an acknowledged Thought Leader in her work as a strategic environmental trainer. Her popular keynotes include:

- 50 Great Excuses for not doing sustainability
How to unlock the profit trapped in your protests

- From “Ow!” to “Wow!”
How to leverage environmental risks to build a better business

- Bridging the skills gap
The four vital missing ingredients for growing our workforce environmental capability and capacity, and how they will deliver astounding results for business and the economy!

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