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The 2013 Global Speakers Summit is a wrap.  Physically, the delegates are exhausted… but intellectually they are pumped. Four days of really great content does that to you!

Reviews of the Summit are pouring in and they score consistently high marks on 3 key metrics: the event’s schedule, speaker selection and relevance of the material presented. Here’s a sampling…

“The cold of Vancouver stimulated the energy to enjoy sessions at the summit. Starting with Breakfast at 7 and ending sometime before midnight, I enjoyed meeting and connecting with friends, facebook and LinkedIn contacts as well as hearing and learning from some fantastic speakers. Every one of the keynotes was full of gold and I mined real big nuggets. And the breakout sessions were special to.” Roberta Budvietas

Many far-flung delegates – from South Africa, Australia, Singapore and Turkey among others – gladly paid thousands to attend. Ditto for North American delegates. (Only a handful from the Vancouver area avoided air travel costs!)

While you could not join them in person, you can enjoy the content of the 2013 Global Speakers Summit for “pennies on the dollar” that conference goers paid. We professionally audio taped the concurrent sessions and videotaped the 6 keynote segments and you can order downloadable files using this form.

Better yet, you can order as few sessions as you like – just one if that’s all you want – providing you order before December 31, 2013. (Starting January 1, 2014 all presentations will be bundled and not offered for sale individually – as they are now with this “a la carte” approach.)

This is the time to review the list of available recordings and order exactly what you want. Just click here.

By the way, “pennies on the dollar” means that

(These prices are for members; non-member prices slightly higher)

I think that you might be scratching your head… wondering how (or why) we are offering professionally recorded audio files or webcasts at such low prices.

There is one simple reason: Just because you could not attend the Summit personally, I do not want anything to stand in your way of benefiting from the conference proceedings that you need to move your business ahead in 2014. Please click here to view the complete list and make your selections.

Just remember that the “a la carte” offer ends on December 31st.


Sid Ridgley


Global Speakers Summit

P.S. Update your personal knowledge base with content from the 2013 Global Speakers Summit for “pennies on the dollar”. The “a la carte” offer ends December 31stCLICK HERE to view the complete list of available recordings and make your selections.

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