The Global Speakers Summit is coming to NZ!

How would your business change if you went international?

Did you know that as a fully paid up member of NSANZ, you can qualify to be a member of the Global Speakers Federation (GSF)?  The GSF is a non-for-profit Association that provides support to other Speaker Associations around the world.  Whether an Association is looking to Charter a new Chapter, through developing a constitution to sharing best practices, the GSF is there to help.

Elias Kanaris has had the privilege of standing as a representative for NSANZ on the Global Speakers Federation (GSF) alongside Mike Handcock, CSPGlobal. This year, at the Executive Council meeting, Elias was voted on to the Executive Committee as the ‘Member at Large’ for 2015-2016. In this role, Elias has even more insight to the inner workings of the organisation, which has allowed him to understand the opportunity surrounding speaking internationally and gain a closer alignment with the other Federation members.

We are aware that the GSF is looking at hosting the next Global Speakers Summit (GSS) in 2018. Since April 2015, Bill James, CSP and Elias have been working with Tourism NZ and ATEED to ensure that we are ready to submit a strong proposal when the time comes. Our objective is to host GSS2018 here in Auckland.

Please keep your eyes peeled for further information on this topic.  We will be looking forward to having more people step up to the mark and help us with the administration for this event in the near future.  To find out more, please email Secretary at NationalSpeakers dot Org dot NZ.


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