It has been my absolute joy for the last 20 years to contribute anything I can to your success.  Whether it’s been speaking, coaching, mentoring – or even just a social visit when I get to catch up with my family in Auckland – you inspire me with your commitment and passion for your vocation.

A few years ago while very ill, I found a way to continue mentoring my speaker colleagues without having to walk or talk.  I’m now fully recovered but the program I developed continues to be valuable to speakers all over the world.

It’s called Make Money As A Speaker – and it covers everything you need to know to build and grow a professional speaking business.  It is a summary of all I know that is important.  I have spent 25 years learning this business, and I’m happy to pass it on.

The Program comprises 26 weekly E-Classes, delivered to your email inbox.  Some weeks will be more valuable to you than others, some will need more work than others from you – we are all individuals, at different stages in our careers.  But I have to tell you that every time I revise and update the material, I relearn something I had forgotten!

Because I want to continue to give and help as we all do, in the spirit of Nevin and Cavett, I decided this year to make this Program available to you for about 7% of its fee.  The program is priced on the website at $147 per month or $750 upfront.  I have agreed to make it available to you now, as my Christmas gift, for $50.  Total.

I hope you will find it as valuable as others have.  Testimonials tell me speakers are generating between $3,500 and $10,000 extra even while they are doing the program, and that’s just those who take the time to write. I want you to do that too!  (Make the money, not write.)

Please make the most of your talent, and commit to becoming the speaker you can be.  The world is hungry for the treasure that is yours alone to give.


Catherine Palin-Brinkworth  CSP  CSPGlobal

Past National President, NSAA

Past International President, Global Speakers Federation

Here’s the Full List of E-Class Topics

  1.  Defining Your Product-Service Offering
  2. Clarifying Your Purpose as a Speaker
  3. How to Define and Refine Your Topic
  4. How to Design and Craft Your Presentation
  5. Who is your Market?
  6. What to Charge?
  7. How to Reach Your Market
  8. Your Must-Have Marketing Materials
  9. Building Bullet-Proof Belief
  10. Building Your Business Plan
  11. How to Get Profiling Presentations and Practice
  12. Speak to those Who Want Speakers
  13. Making the Sale
  14. Records and Statistics
  15. How to Measure your Value
  16. How to Tailor Your Presentation
  17. How to Get Testimonials
  18. Selling from the Platform
  19. To PowerPoint or Not To PowerPoint
  20. Now Work On Product Development
  21. Working with Bureaus Agents and Managers
  22. Researching for Content
  23. The Basics of Social Media for Speakers
  24. Working on Your Speaker Website
  25. Speaking Internationally
  26. Now Make More Money as a Speaker


“As one of Australasia’s leading professional speakers, Catherine Palin Brinkworth’s ‘Make Money As A Speaker’ program will ensure you are given the tools to be successful in your burgeoning speaking business.  Filled with common sense advice and practical wisdom, no matter your level, Catherine has developed a programme which has helped many speakers around the world move from free to fee! says Tom O’Neil

Kanuka Simpson says “Her insights were pertinent and extremely helpful. Through Catherine I realised the value of my time and created a structure to my offering, thereby making it easier to find clients. She also gave me specific tips on where to look for clients and how to find them. I now feel energised to review my price structure and expand my client base.“

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