Membership Levels


Guests are people who have expressed an interest in becoming members. They are welcome (as if a member) to attend meetings twice as a non-paying guest and then a fee of $55.00 will apply.  


Requirements to be approved as an Associate are:

Membership (full)

A full member is a speaker who speaks to groups professionally and earns an income in excess of NZ$10,000 from the business of speaking.

NOTE: As a result of the Covid19 disruption that fee has been halved, to NZ$5,000 per year until a review is carried out after a return to face-to-face work and travel restrictions are lifted. The income fee will be altered at the discretion of the Board.
To become a full member, please submit two referees of paid speaking engagements; along with copies of $5000 worth of invoices, from more than two events over the past 12 months from the income models listed below.  Please note: maximum of 10 invoices.

Full members are entitled to use the PSANZ logo, have a profile on the PSANZ website and can represent themselves as a Member of PSANZ.
After the first year of submitting invoices, full members will be required to sign a statutory declaration on renewal of membership to show they still qualify to renew this level of membership.


Those holding a Certified Speaking Professional designation will be required to renew through Australia in 2026.


If you wish to apply for accredited or professional certificates as part of your speaker journey, this option will be available during the 2022-2023 year as personal development. Accredited certificate holders will be associate members who have reached the halfway mark and will remain associates.
Those who complete the professional certificate will be full members who are working towards CSP.

To learn more about accreditation and how to apply please click here.

Speaking Models

1. Speaking for a fee
2. Speak for free while selling from the stage - books, programmes, coaching 
3. Own events (count revenue not profit)
4. Training
5. Paid webinars (can also be SRI).
In future years members may be asked to provide a statutory declaration rather than the invoices. This will be at the discretion of the Board.

Professional Speakers

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