2024 PSANZ Awards: MC of the Year Award

Have you seen someone add a real “zing” to an event through their MCing? Then why not nominate them for the MC of the Year Award?

We have some amazing MCs in Aotearoa New Zealand, and some of them also speak at events. MCing is a distinctive skill and a recognised business model for PSANZ members.

What does it take to make a great MC?

Entry Criteria:

Who can applyThis award is open to Full Members, CSPs and Life Members. Awarded for outstanding services as an MC.

Not sure which membership category you're in? Click here to find out. Past winners must stand down for two years before re-applying.

NB: In order to apply for any PSANZ Award, in addition to the Entry Criteria, you must have been a paid-up member for a minimum of one year by the award closing date. Past winners must stand down for three years before re-applying.
Earnings thresholdA minimum income of $50,000 or more, with least 60% of this revenue being from MCing, during the 12 months before applications close. Verified by a list of invoices or other evidence of earnings such as a statutory declaration or a letter of confirmation from an accountant.
JudgesTwo New Zealand judges, one of whom must be a CSP or Life Member

Your Speaker Sheet: would a client hire you on seeing it?

You do not have to provide a Speaker Sheet, but may do so if you have one. Our FAQs and Awards Workshops will help you with this.

What else will the judges want to know?

MCing is focused on values and service. The Application Form will include a question about your commitment to your professional development through PSANZ and related events and your service to PSANZ and/or the wider speaking profession. Click here to find out what this could mean for you.

The Application Form sets out other information you must provide, such as testimonials, video footage, etc.

Click here for the Nomination Form.
Nominations close 31st May 2024. PSANZ does not accept self-nominations.

Need help? Ask a fellow PSANZ member or click here to email us.

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