It is true, and we know it – the connections we have are part of the value proposition that is offered to our clients. As Nabil Doss, President Canadian Association of Professional Speakers has said: “You work hard at being a knowledgeable professional in your field of work. And, given the issues your clients face in a global community that is demanding cooperation and collaboration, your ability to forge meaningful professional connections increases your value.”

You could build a world-class network of connections by attending the Global Speakers Summit (GSS) December 8-10, Vancouver, Canada.

This Summit has 100+ professional Speakers/Presenters from 11+ countries – all with insider knowledge that could be shared with you. 10 awesome keynoters with perspective! Dozens of Professional Opportunity Development sessions (PODs) that help you acquire knowledge about a broad range of subjects. 20+ Who’s in the Hall sessions that provide you with the opportunity to have meaningful interaction with a small group (maximum 10 people) lead by a subject matter expert.

Whether you are starting your career as a speaker, trainer, facilitator, coach, consultant or writer, or are interested in taking your career to the next level, there is knowledge you can use in 1 (or more) of the 6 program tracks. The Upheavals and Strategy Track. The Global Perspectives and Opportunities Track. The Business Growth Track. The Looking Through the Microscope Track. The Looking Through the Telescope Track. And, The Interesting Nuggets of Wisdom Track.

In addition the Westin Bayshore in Vancouver at $149 CDN a night is a wonderful value. Register now!

Nabil Doss also reminds us: “With every connection we come closer to finding the fuller meaning of who we are and who we could be.” Attending the Summit: Revolutions. Upheavals. Choices. The future of speaking, globally. brings you an unprecedented opportunity to join fellow professionals in an engaging environment to learn, share, grow, connect and be inspired. Creating meaningful connections starts by registering.


Ps- Did I hear you say “I’m doing really well. Do I need all this?” Check this out.

PPs – At the Summit hear senior leaders from the International Association of Speakers Bureaus,

International Association of Facilitators, International Association of Coaches, and others, talk about challenges and opportunities.

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