Gala Awards Night Silent Auction 2020

Gala Awards Night Silent Auction 2020

Gala Awards Night Silent Auction 2020

The annual Professional Speakers Association of NZ Gala Awards night is on tonight, Friday March 6th. Below is a list of the very generous sponsors who have offered their valuable services to support this silent auction. If you wish to bid for an item please click the link below and complete the contact form, before 7pm Friday 6th 2020 to be in to win one of these amazing items.

1. Workshop with Terry Williams, CSP

A 3-hour one-on-one session with Terry to workshop a presentation of yours, or your presentation style, to incorporate or enhance your use of humour, and to develop skills to keep doing it by yourself in future. Upgrade your ‘A-ha’ with a little bit of professional ‘ha-ha’.

Value: NZD$2500 - Click here to bid

2. Workshop with Glen Sharkey, CSP

Three Hours of one to one coaching focusing on developing keynote, workshop design, facilitation skills and developing a six figure professional speaking business.

Value: NZD$1800 - Click here to bid

3. Opportunity with Cam Calkoen, CSP

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New to professionally speaking? Wanting to gain some new perspectives? Share with a speaker who in 2019 delivered over 100 keynotes throughout New Zealand, Australia, The Pacific, Singapore, Canada, and the Netherlands. Cam has grown and 6 figure a year business purely through keynoting because he LOVES the awesomeness of it. On offer is a face to face meeting with Cam looking are you opportunities, access to Cam through email and phone and the possibility to share your story on Cam’s podcasts.

Value: NZD$ PRICELESS! - Click here to bid

4. Opportunity with Bill James, CSP

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Two 1-hour sessions on offline sales and marketing tactics. As well as, strategies and results focused “how to” ideas. 

Value: NZD$1900 - Click here to bid

5. Workshop with Allan Parker, OAM

Three 2 day courses, or The Experimental Laboratory and an additional day working on them and their business, three books, audio Negotiation Series, and 20 x 5 minute/one skill at a time videos for the year. 

Value: AUD$7000 - Click here to bid

6. Opportunity to ‘Talk Books’ with Indie Experts Pty – Dixie Maria Carlton and Ann Dettori Wilson

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This is 2x 60-90 minute sessions (on Zoom) is your chance to ask anything you like about publishing, writing, producing or marketing of books. Dixie has more than 15 years experience as one of the top Non-fiction publishing coaches in Australasia, and Ann has been producing high quality books for traditional publishers for 13 years... they have both been involved in publishing and developing content for professional speakers from all over the world.

Dixie is also a former NSANZ Business Person of the Year and Author of the Year. Dixie knows books, and knows the speaking industry – and how they intersect! She is available to talk about anything you want to know about books.

Ann – is also available in a separate or joint session to discuss aspects of production and publishing

Plus a free digital copy of Dixie and Ann’s books From Idea to Author-ity and The Entrepreneur's Guide to Self-Publishing.

Value: NZD$750 - Click here to bid

7. Opportunity with Adam Harris

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Adam has just moved to NZ from the UK.  This rare opportunity to work with one of the leading CEO coaches and Facilitators Adam is offering the chance to work with you on your business and define a product option that you could offer the corporate market.  Adam is a Fellow of the PSA UK (equivalent of CSP). This is for three coaching sessions with Adam. Adam can help you with building mastermind groups, speaking to CEO groups and taking your business to the next level. 

Value: NZD$5000 - Click here to bid

8. Opportunity with Kim Knight

A hand-picked collection of EAA emotional health training programs from multi award-winning personal development coach Kim Knight, tailor-made to your unique requirements. Includes an (online) assessment, plus 20 minute debrief with Kim to ascertain your requirements, plus a year’s access to your personal suite of emotional intelligence e-learning programs. 

Value: NZD$1500 - Click here to bid

9. Opportunity with Karen Tui Boyes

Karen’s not up for bidding - just offering the opportunity for 3 or 4 people to work 1-1 with Karen for the fixed price bid of $250 (per person) for 60-90 mins of mentoring. Karen has been named NZ Speaker of the Year in 2013 and 2019 plus NZ Educator of the Year 2014 and 2017 as well as NZ Business Woman of the Year 2001. With 26 years in the speaking industry, 21 countries and thousands of presentations - Karen has a wealth of information to share. Together we can look at your business design, product development, topic structure and ways to monetise your message. 

Value: NZD$250 each person - Click to purchase this fixed price offer at $250

10. Wedding Ceremony Renewal of vows Ceremony with Sharron Harris

NZD$ Value $500 Wedding $300 Renewal Vows or other Ceremony - Click here to bid

11. Lunch and business planning with Darren Pratley, CSP

A working lunch at Auckland’s exclusive So Hotel to build insight and opportunity into a marketing campaign specifically for you. Including presentation content, key message, and market definition. This is about creating clients, and business opportunities.

Value - NZD$1650 - Click here to bid

12. Technology and Productivity Coaching with Rob Robertson

Bid to win 3 hours of Productivity Coaching with Rob Robertson, who specialises in the Technology and Emotional Fitness for High-Productivity People and Teams. This can be anything from evolving your business strategy, purpose and vision to building a smarter Technology Stack. This is defining the best Technology and AI set-up to connect your cloud data and avoid manual entry to get better business efficiency and higher productivity. Or if you use G Suite then this time could be used to train you on how to use the new more advanced Gmail inbox and calendar automations to save hours of time with smarter calendar scheduling and inbox management. The strategy to work smarter to get vastly more done in your day. 

Value $1000 - Click here to bid

13. Program with Accountant Geoffrey Vautier

A 9-part video and workbook program on how to raise your prices. Geoff is the a chartered accountant who is also the PSANZ tressurer so would like to help you raise your prices.

Price is USD997 including the subscription service - Click here to bid

14. Opportunity with Gilly Chater

Gilly has had her successful business on Leadership and Resilience for over 20 years and survived 2 major recessions through her diversified offerings. She’s offering 4 X Mentoring Sessions to Developing Speakers to include: Clarity of message,  getting paid gigs to achieve PSANZ Accredited and Professional Member status. Diversifying – with workshops, not just keynote speaking, also webinars and group coaching opportunities especially in times of downturn. How to create long term relationships – some of her clients are 18+ years. What to charge and why. And anything else to make your business work! Sessions will be on Zoom.

Value $2,500.00 - click here to bid

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