It’s a ‘Big Blue World’.  It a ‘Bolt out of the blue’.  It’s also ‘Once in a Blue Moon’ that we get to hear 4 up-and-coming speakers practice their craft and listen to an entertaining guest speaker talk to us about how to find your goldilocks zone.

On Tuesday night, we were entertained by Lindsey Dawson as she stole the show by taking us through a journey of History; Happenings & Horizons.  She shared her personal story that started in her early 20’s with the release of NASA’s picture of the Big Blue Planet – a.k.a. Earth.

The fascination with her history, with an ancestry that was involved in world-wide travel, the happenings that were linked to a fascination with the world and the colour blue led us to the horizons of the dawn of a bright new day.

If you want to find out more about Lindsey’s thinking about the colour blue, visit her website.

Our evening was rounded off by a Showcase where 4 people spoke (& thanks to Ron Scott for stepping up to the mark and stepping in at the last minute – talk about being prepared!!).  Geoff Wiklund did a sterling job as M.C. for the Showcase.

Here is a snapshot of Pam Martin (who was one of our Showcase presenters of the evening), which was held before Louise Pagonis joined us as M.C. for the main event.

My take out of Lindsey’s presentation can be summarised in one thought – ‘What’s my bolt out of the blue?’  For me it was the realisation that an unexpected opening in my diary due to the postponement of a project is actually an opportunity in disguise.  Now that God has created some extra time for me, I should utilise this to write and publish my book.

If you attended the meeting, I’d love to hear you share your thoughts on what you learned on Tuesday night!

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