2023 PSANZ Awards: Best MC or Showcase Presenter at PSANZ National Meeting

Did you see someone “WOW” us all at a PSANZ national meeting? Then why not nominate them for the Best MC or Showcase Presenter Award? Click here for the Nomination Form.

Did you do well at a national meeting? Then you can apply on your own behalf, too: click here for an Application Form.

This award is open to Associate and Full Members (not CSPs or Life Members) who have not won this award (or prior equivalents) in the previous year’s awards. Not sure which membership category you're in? Click here to find out.

Your Speaker Sheet: would a client hire you on seeing it?

You do not have to provide a Speaker Sheet, but may do so if you have one. Our FAQs and Awards Workshops will help you with this.

What else will the judges want to know?

Professional speaking is focused on values and service and value. The Application Form will include a question about your commitment to your own professional development though PSANZ and related events, as well as your service to PSANZ and/or the wider speaking profession. Click here to find out what this could mean for you.

Need help? Ask a fellow PSANZ member or click here to email us.

decision. This may relate to your own professional and business development, especially as a result of your participation in the event, and anything else you consider relevant. Remember to include all links to visual and other materials you refer to in the ONE document you upload to support your application.

Professional Speakers

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