Best MC or Showcase Presenter at a PSANZ National Meeting

Did you wow us all at a PSANZ national meeting? Then why not apply for the Best MC or Showcase Presenter Award?  There is no income threshold for this award: you may be enjoying a healthy income from your speaking, training, entertaining or acting as a master of ceremonies (MC); or you may still be at the stage of all or mostly ‘speaking for free’.

Open to Associate and Full Members (not Life Members or CSPs) who have not won this award (or prior equivalents) in the previous year’s awards.

What you put in your application will demonstrate your:

To apply for this award,  click this link to open the application form, and on the new Google Docs screen take the following steps:

Then here's the detail of what to show and tell us – remembering to include it all in ONE document.

1. The Basics

Tell us:

2. The visuals

Tell us the date of the National Meeting at which you were an MC or Showcase presenter, and we will source the link to the PSANZ video footage of the event. 

For Showcase presenters, this video will include the Judges’ feedback and your responses to this. 

3. Anything else

Feel free to add any comments that will help the judges come to their decision. This may relate to your own professional and business development, especially as a result of your participation in the event, and anything else you consider relevant. Remember to include all links to visual and other materials you refer to in the ONE document you upload to support your application.

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