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We are all about how we can become professional speakers that use our verbal communication to create a profitable and sustainable business that not only pays the bills but provides a satisfying fulfilment and rewarding way of life.

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This association exists to help would be and existing speakers excel. We love being a social network for people on a similar journey, but that is not enough.

We need to help you become better at what you do. To excel and be your best. And we will be there for you every step of the way.


The passion of a tribe that understands where you have come from and what you are going through. Outside of our walls it can be hard to find those that understand what a business of speaking actually is. What it is you do and want to achieve.

Inside these walls you are surrounded by your tribe. They get what drives you – the passion and the want to share something that will make a difference. They are not just like-minded; they are like-hearted. Welcome home!


These four E’s are important to us as an association, and we live them as part of our values.


We have recognised levels of improvement as you go along the journey.

Level one is Associate Member and focusses on your willingness to learn and apply your efforts to self-improvement and become involved and contribute to the association. It is a great first step along the way.

Level two is Full Professional Member and recognises your improvement in the ability to deliver your craft and that you are now earning income that comes directly from your speaking endeavours.

Level three is Certified Speaking Professional. This is internationally awarded and is the highest level of accreditation most reach (yes – there are more for when you speak and are recognised overseas by your peers). An overseas panel awards it and recognises that you have truly arrived on the big stage. You are plying your craft with the best on the stages, in the boardrooms and among the world's leaders and making the sort of income you were aiming for when you started this journey.

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Through PSANZ you have access to a world (literally!) of experts and expertise. Look at some of the options available;

It is a smorgasbord of knowledge to choose from!


As with any smorgasbord you must feed yourself. It is all there for you but you will need to be willing to put in the work. We do not promise instant success. We cannot line up twenty paying clients – that is your job. We can support you and give you all the sustenance you need to do it.

Those welcome to eat at the table are those who are also willing to contribute to the meal. We are a voluntary organisation run for the good of all. The long-term members and the successful speakers are those who have learned that to give is to receive. Get involved on committees, volunteer to be an MC for a night, or host a guest. Jump in and be part of a growing committee. The meal is more rewarding when you have contributed to it.

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”

– Winston Churchill

Oh by the way, we try hard to welcome and engage every guest. But if for some reason you managed to slip past our net then hold your hand out and say hello – it is about helping yourself and we don’t bite!


Fill in the enquiry form or come along to a free meeting. We welcome guests three times before we ask you to make a decision about membership.

You are in the right place – take the step.

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