Just three or four times a year, a handful of NSANZ members get the opportunity to present in front of their peers at a sparkling event called Showcase. If you are one of the Showcase speakers, you get just 8 minutes to present, an audience made up of fellow speakers, and incisive feedback from two hand-picked evaluators who are themselves highly experienced speakers. Nothing will give your speaking a better boost! Sounds exciting? Then read on…

1. Get known

Whether you’re in National Speakers to win an award, to get help and advice from more experienced speakers, or simply to share ideas, people have to know who you are! Nothing raises your profile within the organisation like standing up and sharing some of your story.

2. Get practice

There is something special and unique about presenting in front of your peers. You get to practice your material in a safe environment and see how it lands. If you’re worried that a room full of speakers might be your harshest critics – well, you’re probably right ? But at the same time, make no mistake – they are your greatest support. This is a cornerstone of your experience. Once you’ve stepped up to achieve your best in front of your toughest crowd, every speaking event after that will feel a whole lot easier.

3. Get feedback

Then there is the invaluable feedback you get from the evaluators who are always hand-picked from our top speakers. They’re people who are already where you want to get to, who understand the craft and know how to make a business from it. You’re guaranteed to leave with some invaluable learning that you can’t get anywhere else… that’s pure gold!

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